6 simple tricks to increase your persuasion skills

In today’s world everything is about communication and persuasion. From convincing your friend to go out till to sell your idea to your manager about a new innovative project. As far as we understand that and start implement small tips we can increase our efficiency and performance in every area. Mr. Robert Cialdini, a psychologist and author of bestseller YES, suggested 6 shortcuts that can bring closer to convince people. They are:


People give back the behavior or service that receives first. If colleague does a favor you owe that colleague a favor. In the context of social obligation, people are more likely to say YES to those who do they owe. So be the first who do a favor, who give a personalized and an unexpected gift, surprise your team mates with something unique and soon they will return you back even more


People want more of those things there have less of. The idea of potential loss plays a large role in human decision making. In fact, people seem to be more motivated by thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value. So, when you offer your product or service, it is not enough to mention benefits that they will have by choosing them but it is crucial to mention what is unique to your products and they stand to lose if they won’t choose them.


People will follow credible and knowledgeable experts. The way how you stand, how you talk, your body language can create a first impression to your audience that is very hard to change. People have the tendency to favor information that confirm their beliefs or hypotheses (in social psychology is called confirmation bias). So focus on how you present yourself, how you stand and what is the first impression that people create when meet you or ask form someone else to introduce you. This can increase highly your brand and positioning.


People used to consist and not change. They are looking for and asking for commitment that can be made. Social psychologists point out the strong connection between commitment and consistency. Moreover,  they believe that each of the strategies is intended to get us to take some actions or make some statement that will trap us into later compliance through consistency pressures.


People used to say YES those who they like. The main factors that influence in liking or not someone are:

  1. People who are similar to us
  2. People who pay as compliments
  3. People who cooperate with us

 Genuine compliments before you start to sell may have an incredible impact


People will look to the actions of others to determine their own. People behaviors are influenced by presence of others and group dynamic. In order to increase more your result, rather than rely on your ability to persuade others you can point on what similar others are doing