What is your leadership style?

If you search on Google the word “Leadership” you will get back more than 300 MILLION hits! What does it mean for YOU to be a leader? Can you define leadership in a way that works for you, and helps you discover the leader within?

Interest in this topic goes back many centuries and was written about extensively by Plato, Sun Tzu, and of course many others. Over time countless theories and models have emerged about leadership. You can skim some of these theories in theWikipedia article on Leadership, or better yet, have a look at this presentation about different leadership schools by  Bert De Coutere.

If you want to define your leadership style there are widely used personality tests like Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (a free online test here), DISC personality theory, Big Five Factors etc. A simple way is the map that Inc. has created based on leaders’ behaviors.

There is a very interesting approach of this topic from Center of Creative Leadership. Instead of putting the entire weight of leadership on individual managers and their capabilities, they think that it is important to examine how the whole system is involved in making leadership happen. In the whole system perspective, leadership happens in the interaction and exchanges among people. More concrete, they mean Direnction, Aligment, Commitement (DAC) happen in every system. About DAC approach and how to implement you can read the white paper that they released.

Moreover, two researchers from MIT validate “distributed leadership” models like DAC in their article It’s not all about you, but also suggest the need for balance between networks and individuals to achieve leadership.

Another interesting video from HBR blog:

So there are tones of articles, scientific researches, new perspectives and more and more but at the end all these theories will keep being theories if you don’t try, you don’t challenge them, you don’t fail you don’t achieve.

So please go out there and experience, don’t wait for the right moment or position, because we don’t need any role to act

What do you think?