Expand your knowledge, develop new skills and as Steve Jobs says in his great speech at Standford University “stay hungry, stay foolish” 

In this page will be included different resources that aim to develop both IT and Leadership skills. The list of resrouces updates frequently with new materials, so stay in touch.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

  • Coursera is an online education platform where you can find a wide range of courses for different fields. Trainings are delivered by professors from top universities worldwide
  • EDx is a great partnership between MIT and Harvard, two of the most famous universities worldwide which offers online interactive classes in different area
  • Canvas is another online platform for education which has a lot of professional courses for different topics. You can attend class for free or purchase it or even teach a specific topic to others.
  • HP Life e-Learning is an online program which aims to provide real life IT and business skills needed to start your business
  • Microsoft IT Academy you can gain digital certifications and curriculum on IT skills
  • NovoEd is another platform which provides online courses in business fields mainly. What make it unique in this field is mainly the opportunity to cooperate with other online users and build new business ideas in a collaborative place. Throughout the project students receive support and feedback from specialists (alumni, mentors, professors).
  • Udemy wide range of trainings-courses in different areas. In this platform you have the opportunity not only to receive education but also to teach to others. There are a lot of free trainings or for a small amount of money you can attend from very specific to  quite open and general online courses

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